NMD | Norgate McLean Dolphin | Crowd Equity Funding in Australia

October 23, 2018 What is equity crowd funding? A new form of online crowd funding available in Australia [...]

NMD | Norgate McLean Dolphin | Data Breach

Australian businesses must report data breaches or face fines up to $1.8M. This mandatory reporting regime comes into effect from [...]

NMD | Norgate McLean Dolphin | IoT | Internet of Things

“Internet of Things” (IoT) is a buzz word of the hour. But what does it mean? Essentially, IoT describes connectivity [...]

NMD | Norgate McLean Dolphin | Tips For Franchise

Take Control So the franchisor is not holding up its end of the bargain and this is making [...]

NMD | Norgate McLean Dolphin | Google Adwords Can I Bid On A Competitors Name

So you have been bidding on your competitor’s name as Google AdWords because “it’s what everyone does” … but is [...]

NMD | Norgate McLean Dolphin | Social media tool for corporate change

Social media isn’t all grumpy cats and memes. It is being successfully harnessed to garner support for real corporate change. [...]

NMD | Norgate McLean Dolphin | Activist Shareholders Shareholders Champion Or Profiteer

Activist shareholders agitate to influence a company’s performance or control by exercising their rights of share ownership. Some shareholder activism [...]

NMD | Norgate McLean Dolphin | Fintech

FinTech is firmly on the national agenda with the Government recently outlining reforms, including a proposed “regulatory sandbox”, expected to [...]

NMD | Norgate McLean Dolphin | Artificial Intelligence | AI

Have you thought about what happens when artificial intelligence creates new Intellectual Property (IP)? More importantly, you’ve just signed off [...]

NMD | Norgate McLean Dolphin | Big Data | Mergers and Acquisition

‘Big Data’ is changing the face of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).  Say goodbye to junior lawyers disappearing behind mountains of [...]

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