International Commercial Shipping containers representing Mitsubishi MAXtend Commercial
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Working with Mitsubishi MAXtend has been an interesting exercise in helping a niche but fast growing business as it becomes an international leader in its field.

MAXtend provides an atmosphere control system used to extend the life of perishable cargo. By controlling the mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a shipping container carrying perishable fruit and vegetables, the MAXtend device can slow respiration thereby retaining quality and increasing storage life.

MAXtend works with a wide range of international shipping partners moving avocado, apples, asparagus, mango, peach and other perishables across parts of Asia, South America, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United States.

What started as a small part of Mitsubishi Australia has grown to see significant success and has become a world leader in its niche.

We have had the privilege to work closely with the Mitsubishi MAXtend team as they have developed and negotiated numerous commercial legal arrangements with international shipping lines, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors around the world.